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与巴尔干烤肉串(Izgaraz) 一起踏上诱人的旅程。这些美味的串烧经过完美的烤制,以腌制的肉类为特色,并巧妙地融入芳香香料,带来浓郁的风味,捕捉东欧的精髓。 Izgaraz 提供各种传统配菜,诚邀您品尝正宗的巴尔干风味,这是一种无限的美食乐趣。

Lamb Chops (Char-Grilled)

Indulge in the sublime tenderness and rich, smoky flavor of our Char-Grilled Lamb Chops Izgara.


羊肉(串) image


用我们的羊肉串 Izgara 提升您的味觉体验,这是一种直接来自东欧和巴尔干半岛中心的美食。沉浸在巴尔干烧烤的丰富传统中,品尝每一块用正宗香料精心腌制的多汁嫩羊肉。烤得恰到好处,外表具有诱人的焦香,每一口都会爆发出多汁和风味。让我们的羊肉串的完美烟熏香气和正宗味道带您领略该地区阳光普照的风景和充满活力的烹饪传统。


Chicken Shish (skewer)

Experience culinary excellence with our Chicken Shish Skewer, a tantalizing dish that brings the essence of Eastern Europe and the Balkans to your plate. Delight in tender pieces of marinated chicken, infused with a harmonious blend of authentic Balkan spices, and expertly grilled to achieve a perfect balance of smokiness and succulence. Each mouthwatering bite tells a story of traditional grilling techniques and a dedication to capturing the true flavors of the region. Close your eyes and let the savory aroma and delectable taste of our Chicken Shish Skewer transport you to the enchanting landscapes and rich culinary heritage of the Balkans.


Bifteki (Thin Cut Beef)

Experience the culinary delight of our Bifteki (Thin Cut Beef) Izgara: thinly sliced beef, meticulously prepared to perfection, boasting a symphony of flavors and a tender texture that's simply irresistible.


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