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Who Are We?

We are Dajko's Kufte. 

Pronounced "Dye-Ko's Koof-Teh", 

We are a Balkan/Eastern European Style Grill and Eatery based in the heart of Napier, New Zealand. Located in Green Meadows is our Takeaway Grill.

Previously known as Kilim Cafe, We have expanded our menu and dining experience from Turkish to the Balkans as a whole.

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dajko's kufte_lamb kebab box
dajko's kufte_falafel bites
dajko's kufte_iced drinks
dajko's kufte_lamb doner burger
dajko's kufte_filo rolls - sigara borek
dajko's kufte_hero
dajko's kufte_baklava
dajko's kufte_falafel and chips
dajko's kufte_falafel kebab box
dajko's kufte_lamb kebab box
dajko's kufte_tiramasu
dajko's kufte_cevapi
dajko's kufte_haloumi bites
dajko's kufte_turkish delight
dajko's kufte_lamb shish
dajko's kufte_falafel bites
dajko's kufte_adana burger
dajko's kufte_garlic bread
dajko's kufte_chicken kebab box
dajko's kufte_vege mezze
dajko's kufte_chips
dajko's kufte_haloumi kebab box

Our Food 

Where to find us

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